Transforming the tourism Industry with 360 VR

Tourism Application using Virtual reality technology offers a variety of potential benefits for tourism marketers including creating informative and entertaining virtual settings, immersive and engaging virtual experiences, multi-media communication, and social interaction with others globally.

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Transforming healthcare with VR Assisted Surgical Planning

Our solution is to provide an interactive platform that displays a 3D visualization of the body part targeted by the MRI machine. This platform will be focused on UX/UI to make as friendly and intuitive to use as possible for the surgeon.

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Transforming m-commerce through 3D Capture with 360 VR

3D Capture with 360 VR -Automated 3D generation via 360 Degree Photos. Our 3D tour helps architects, construction professionals, and civil engineers create actionable insights over the life of the project. Easily create an immersive, fun, informative and custom branded 3D tour using the camera animation, 3D text, hotspot and annotations.

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Products and Services

The focus of our products will be on Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) applications to be used in different fields, such as Healthcare, Education,Tourism, Marketing and Entertainment.

We identify opportunities in the VR & AR market, verify its success, its risks, potential competitors and existing ones, the cost of production, pricing and market accessibility. The opportunity identification process is very efficient to steer numerous ideas from different perspectives and redeem some of them to be worthy of being taken forward.

Our application offers a sober design that is user friendly. The simplicity and clarity of the interface makes the solution stand out from the existing complex solutions and offers therefore a positive user experience.

Woman works with Virtual Reality glasses